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i'm elyse.

I'm a Web Designer (and Massage Therapist and Yoga teacher), and I work with health & wellness providers to create an online presence that will help their business grow and reach more people that need these valuable skills.

Because I've been in your shoes.


When I was in school for massage therapy, I was excited to build my own business and work for myself.


But I quickly realized that my business classes were not able addressed marketing strategy, especially online marketing. In a world where it feels like everything happens online, I knew it was going to be important in building a practice, but it seemed that the resources weren't there.


No one addressed the necessity of an online presence.


So with a background working in online marketing and website management, I decided that person was me! Because in addition to understanding the importance of having a website, I also have the skill to create one - and the experience as a wellness practitioner and entrepreneur to know what is needed.

I'm passionate about the growing field of health & wellness.


And I am amazed by the genuine desire of practitioners to help those that seek it.


Now I am dedicated to helping other practitioners, who are looking to build their business and share their gifts, do so in a way that is not only authentic, but effective.

I’ve been in your shoes.


Hell, I’m in your shoes! Now I’m ready to work with you to build a website that you’re excited to share and gets your ideal client excited to book!


Easily write the wording for your About page so you can stop stressing out about making it perfect and get your next client to click BOOK NOW

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